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"Your freedom is at risk; you need the best criminal defense strategy available." - Lawyer, Former Prosecutor Daniel Lazarine

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Former Prosecutor, Daniel Lazarine, will defend your freedom.

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Mr. Lazarine will defend you against a wide array of criminal charges.

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You only have 15 days to save your license after a DWI arrest. Call now.

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"I was very scared about this possession case but Mr. Lazarine told me to let him work. At the end my case got dismissed. I am grateful I found him and recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer."

Houston Tx Criminal Defense Lawyer

Daniel Lazarine can help you achieve the best outcome for your criminal case.Mr. Lazarine is a former prosecutor, and he uses all of that knowledge and experience to form your best criminal defense. If you are looking for an attorney who has the passion, drive, and knowledge necessary to fight for your freedom, then you should call (713) 224-4000 to schedule a free consultation.The Law Office of Daniel Lazarine handles all manner of criminal defense in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas.Our Practice Areas include...

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Mr. Lazarine has successfully defended many clients who were charged with DWI in Harris County and the surrounding areas. Mr. Lazarine will review all of the evidence and facts in each case to help his clients develop their best defense.Often times breath or blood evidence has been mishandled or is otherwise vulnerable to attack by an experienced criminal defense attorney. There are many elements that a prosecutor must prove to obtain a DWI conviction and Mr. Lazarine will fight them on each point to obtain the best outcome for you.

The Law Office of Daniel Lazarine, PLLC can help you fight any narcotics charges that have been leveled against you. See the following review by a satisfied client:
Great lawyer. Knows what he is doing. He keeps you informed as well as give you valuable information about each step of the process. I like how he is down to earth and friendly. I would have lost my case without him. Many lawyers do not take on appeals that were not handled by a previous lawyer, but David Lazarine took on my case, and was able to get me a dismiss verdict. Again, wonderful lawyer. -Posted by Gloria at 
Generally speaking, the possession and distribution of Marijuana is still illegal in Texas. If you are facing any kind of criminal charge related to marijuana, then you should call (713) 224-4000 immediately to schedule a free consultation with Mr. Lazarine.The Texas penalties for controlled substance are quite severe, and you should begin working with a criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Many of our clients ask if The Law Office of Daniel Lazarine defends both state and federal crimes, and Mr. Lazarine is licensed to practice in both Texas State, and U.S. Federal Court.You should be aware that in any criminal case, time is of the essence and it is important to begin working with a defense lawyer as soon as possible so that you do not miss the opportunity to avail yourself of certain time-sensitive defense strategies.Mr. Lazarine defends all manner of Federal charges, including but not limited to: interestate drug crimes, federal homicide charges, money laundering, federal drug conspiracy charges, federal internet sex crimes, etc.

  • White Collar Crimes, Assault, General Criminal Defense
Certain crimes like bank fraud, tax evasion, mortgage fruad, mail fraud, embezzlement, securities fraud, etc. are classified as white collar crimes.You should never mount a defense against these type of charges without the guidance of an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable in this area. Mr. Lazarine can help you attack each element in the prosecutions case, and ensure that you are using the best possible defense strategy.Call our Office (713) 224-4000, or use the Contact Form on this page to send us an email inquiry.In the video below Mr. Lazarine explains certain aspects of DWI defense in Texas.

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